Are You Ready?

file000818314965Are you ready to invest in yourself by hiring a self-expression coach?

Read the following statements and decide how strongly you feel about each.

3 = Strongly agree      

2 = Agree      

1 = Do not agree


  1.  I yearn to express my thoughts/feelings better than I do now. _______
  2. I want my words to have a positive impact. ____
  3. I value constructive feedback. ____
  4. If my life is to change, only I can make that happen. _____
  5. Learning to express myself is worth the investment of my time. _____
  6. I am willing to make a financial commitment to coaching. _____
  7. I am open to new ideas. _____
  8. Setting goals is vital to my success. _____
  9. Working with a coach as a partner is appealing to me. _____
  10. I am prepared to be honest and open with a coach. ______
  11. I view problems as opportunities to grow. ______
  12. Changing how I speak & write involves leaving my comfort zone. ______
  13. Coaching is not a one-size-fits-all program. _____
  14. I have no mental health issues to prevent working with a coach. _____

Total Score _________

The closer your score is to 42, the greater your benefit from coaching.
If you marked more than two statements with a “1”, coaching may not be right for you at this time.  Come back to this survey in a week or a month or next year and complete it again.  You may be surprised how your responses have changed