Self Expression Coaching

Ask yourself these four questions. Please answer them. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

areyouready_clip_image002_00051. How many ways do you imagine there are to show love?

 2. How would you explain your belief system to someone else?

 3. Why do we think of a perfect response…right after the person who asked walks away?

 4. How do you react when you’ve been coaxed into doing something you just didn’t want to do?


All of the questions are answered by expressing yourself – in words (or silence), by actions (or inactions). There are no right or wrong answers!

Words are be expressed aloud or written/typed. If the words are expressed pictorially, another action needs to take place: photo-taking, digital animation, paint/draw using any method of media, etc.

 Example: Someone asks you to describe a happy baby.

Words Only:

The baby smiled and her bright blue eyes mirrored the excitement she felt at being the center of attention.

Picture Only:untitled

Now pair the two together (words and picture) and WOW!   You’ve expressed it the best way possible.

As a COACH, I specialize in methods and reasoning of self-expression. If you are searching for help in learning the value and processes for self-expression, the enlistment of a Coach is a good step.

Why hire a coach? What cancoaching a coach do?

Imagine you’ve been asked to write an opinion about a new product, give a presentation at your place of work, or just compose a note to send a friend expressing anything from sympathy to congratulations.

lockYou’ve been stuck at your desk what seems like forever trying to come up with the exact way to get across your idea or feelings.

You know what you want to say, but how to say it feels like it’s locked inside of you refusing to come out.

The key to resolving your problem is to hire a coach – in particular a self-expression coach.

A coach:

  • Helps you find the answers that are already within you.
  • Will steer you in a direction that suits your needs.
  • Serves as your own personal cheerleader.
  • Values your opinion and work.
  • Seeks to help you identify your own goals.
Your partner in Success!

Are your ready?

A coach does NOT:

  •  Give you the answers.
  • Criticize or berate you.
  • Provide therapy sessions as a psychologist or counselor.
  • Do the work/research for you.
  • Expect you to be perfect.

Contact me for more information on working with a self-expression coach. or 724.295.4117