A Wish and A Promise

“A Wish and A Promise”

img_1461A Wish and a Promise is my second published book The book’s story is fictional.  It’s also realistic enough for you to feel as though you are sitting in front of the stone fireplace with Tootie – an adult grandchild – and her grandmother in Gram’s country home.  Tootie wants to know if Gram ever doubted any decisions she made raising her children or perhaps regretted some of the decisions she did make.  (I believe we can all identify with those questions on some level.) The weekend visit turns into wonders for Tootie.

It’s a cozy, easy read that will engage you and encourage you to find your own way of releasing regrets.   If you are looking for a short, entertaining, grounded story – a great read for the beach, on a plane or train, or just to relax in the evening – this book is right for you!

Purchase your copy today from Alice!

Contact her at ajmaxin@gmail.com for details and to request an autographed copy.

Only $15 plus tax and shipping & handling.

What readers are saying about  “A Wish and A Promise”

 I kept your book beside my bed and read a chapter each evening. I loved it and I want both of my (adult) daughters to read it.” Michelle S., michele4lc.teamasea.com

 “Last night I was not feeling well, so I went to bed early, and took your book. I absolutely loved it.  It was like a visit with my Nan… and so comforting when I was not feeling well…

It was so sweet to read the nuggets of wisdom wrapped within a blanket of grandmotherly love. It was just so delicious and pampering. I loved every word.

If this wonderful approach is how you would work with clients, I think your 7 categories of wishes is a phenomenal coaching program.” LuAnn C., innerharmony.com

 “Excellent!” -Kimberly S.

 “WOW!” – Elizabeth H.

“It’s amazing. Congratulations! My book club…interested.” – Sandra Ann

 “You’ve done it again, Alice! You must be so proud.”  Kathleen F.

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