R.S.V.P An Invitation to Take Control of Your Life

“RSVP An Invitation to Take Control of Your Life”

bookonmapR.S.V.P. opens your eyes for you to see how to

  • Value yourself
  • Gain and keep control your life
  • Stop manipulation by “helpful” people

Welcome to the world of wondrous discovery– one where you will find yourself looking in the mirror with a new respect for the confident, decisive person you see. It is time now to pack your bags for the “road trip” of your life – to a place where your dreams really can come true.


What benefits will I gain from reading it?

You will be in better control of your life because you …

  • Welcome Risks  as opportunities and not fear them as Threats
  • Make decisions for yourself instead of letting others dictate your life
  • Accept detours in your life  – not as roadblocks – but as a chance to change direction
  • Speak in a strong, confident, assertive voice

Prominent features of R.S.V.P. are:

  • Three ways to speak your mind
  • Tips on how to leave your old baggage behind and move forward with your life
  • Ten rights of an assertive person
  • Answers to questions such as “Are we there yet?” and “Whom can I count on?”

Purchase your copy today from Alice!

Contact her at ajmaxin@gmail.com for details and to request an autographed copy.

Only $15 plus $4 shipping & handling.

BUY NOW through Paypal to get your copy on the way now! If you have any problem with the Paypal link, if possible you may need to enable cookies and open this link in a new window for security purposes, depending on the setting on your device.

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