About Alice

Alice J. MaxinWhat would you like to know about me before hiring me to write for you? What would be important to know when you contemplate reading one of my books?

It probably would make no difference to you that I am about 62.5 inches tall and have blue eyes. That I drive a 2-year-old car and wear my seat belt at all times is hardly relevant to my credentials.

To some of you, though, reading a list of my degrees, recognitions and work experiences may be yawn-worthy – even if I did work most of my adult life to enjoy the benefits and achieve the success they brought. For those of you who are interested, please click here.

Expanding on what I wrote on the home page: my writings/books come from my desire to help others be the best they can be. My career highlights all involved providing education (from preschoolers to leaders to retirees) and caring about the well-being, working conditions and career advancement of thousands of employees.

Since I retired from the active work force, I volunteer along the same lines: a support group leader/contact for those with Willis-Ekbom Disease (RLS) and assisting those in need at a local domestic violence shelter (HAVIN Helping All Victims in Need). These activities all contributed to my ability to write for professional women.

However, many of the other hats I’ve worn also enable me to identify with those I hope to reach through my own books: daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, wife, divorcee, in-law, friend, consumer, reader, traveler, homemaker, leader, businesswoman, and …

(I could go on – but I imagine you get the idea!).

Pictured directly below are just two of the books I’ve written and published.


R.S.V.P.: An Invitation to Take Control of Your Life Reader-friendly steps to developing a positive, assertive life; space to write your own responses and track your progressA Wish and a Promise Warm, easy-to-read story about an adult granddaughter visiting her grandmother for the weekend.  She came with a question: “Gram, have you ever regretted or doubted decisions you made when you were raising a family?” She left with a clearer understanding of life itself.PURCHASE NOW







Degrees, Certifications, Recognitions, Experiences

 With a Master’s degree in education from Clarion University of PA, I taught in public schools for over twenty-five years before changing careers.  I moved on to become a labor relations specialist, advocating for educators and school support personnel.  Providing leadership training and professional development seminars statewide gave me even more experience to form my own company, The Write Turn.

Throughout my professional life, I was continually writing and honing my communication skills. From children’s stories to detailed contracts, I wrote and delivered years’ worth of written and spoken words to those who benefited from it most – students of all ages from numerous, diverse walks of life.

I am also now an active member the Women’s Business Network of Southwestern PA (www.wbninc.com ), the Professional Woman Network (www.prowoman.net ), and the Armstrong County Community Foundation’s philanthropic division, Infinity (www.accfound.org/infinity ).

 Please feel free to contact me at ajmaxin@gmail.com or at 724.295.4117