AJM18_200I am Alice J. Maxin welcoming you to The Write Turn.

Whether you are looking for help with your writing or need an inspiring book to read, you’ve come to the right site.

When it comes to writing, I found my niche! I’ve co-authored 5 self-help books for women and personally authored four of my own books. I’m currently working on my fifth book and jotting down ideas for my sixth. I’ve been doing nationwide research by interviewing women of all ages and walks of life. I also call upon my professional experiences – especially from teaching, labor relations, and women’s leadership training – to compose my writings so they are most meaningful and helpful to my readers.

Writing has always come easily for me. Many might call it work. I call it fun. And the more I write, the more I rewrite – until I get it just right. Any occasion that calls for creative wording, calls for expressive writing. Share your thoughts with me and I can write for you.

file000605645869Consider this:

An artist sketches a work of art where previously there was only a blank canvas.

A composer makes music come alive with the magic of melodious notes.

A writer expresses meaningful thoughts, opinions, and theories on paper (or on the computer or electronic tablet).

I believe everyone has a story to tell – whether it’s in a journal, verbalized in a speech, or perhaps even sung in a folk tune. No matter how it is expressed, the words matter.

When thoughts are to be shared with others, you must use the right words to say what you mean or to convey what you want. It may be anything from an acceptance speech to an invitation for dinner to a family journal to be passed on for generations to come.

Question: has this ever happened to you? Just when you thought you knew exactly what you wanted to say/write – the words escaped you. It happens to all of us: writers’ block, mental fog, stumped for words, or just plain blank.

Or perhaps you are looking for a short book (a novelette, if you will) to relax with while you contemplate what your next move in life should be.

What do you do? Where do you look for answers?

 If you are at a loss for the right words or the right book, be calm. Don’t panic!

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Let your next move be The Write Turn.